Whiteboxing a space starts with cleaning out the junk.

We’ll remove all the loose junk and take out everything attached to the walls and remove old carpeting from floors.

Landlords and business owners can have the blank slate needed so the walls can be painted and electrical or plumbing issues can be repaired.

Our whiteboxing teams will leave the space swept clean and we will properly dispose of the materials removed.

Congregations can rely on WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP to remove unwanted items from church buildings.

We will safely remove unwanted junk from offices, meeting rooms, storage and worship spaces.

WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP recycles the paper, plastics and metals and returns the value to the congregation. Some items can be warehoused and sold. If it has resale value, we help you profit.

Business locations that have been closed can be cleaned out and made ready for reuse or sale.

Just call WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP. We’ll cleanout everything and leave the space swept clean. Our teams do the lifting and sorting of junk and recyclables, then load our 30+ cubic yard trucks for proper disposal and recycling.

We do cleanouts for ongoing businesses.

Retail, warehouse or office space can be reclaimed by removing unwanted junk.

Machinery, scrap metal, office furniture, and waste paper have value. Your materials that can be recycled are trucked to the recycling yard and weighed. If there is value in your recyclable materials, you will receive an automatic rebate within 7 – 10 days after your job.


WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP teams do construction site cleanups so tradesmen can attend to their work.

When piles of junk from demolition or construction threaten productivity and safety, call 877-WE-BUY-SCRAP so we can clear some space for you.

Call our teams for regularly-scheduled cleanups or as needed – we’ll get the junk out of the way.

We’ll get the space ready for new equipment so you can get back to business.

When businesses make investments in new equipment, some things have to go. That’s where we come in. Our teams will remove old equipment and debris from warehouses and industrial buildings.

We go easy on the environment too – scrap metal, paper and plastic will be sent to a recycling center. All fluids will be properly removed.

Business buildings that have received foreclosure or eviction orders can be cleaned of their contents so the buildings can be resold or leased.

Trying to sell or lease a space that’s full of junk will never get the best price. WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP teams will get the junk out and sweep it clean right out to the walls.

That’s a quick way to make a better profit on real estate investments.

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Commercial buildings see tenants come and go all the time. We’ll cleanout what they leave behind.

WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP will remove the furnishings and debris so you can show new tenants a more move-in ready space.

We will provide a quote for your building cleanout based on the volume it takes up in our trucks. We can also provide you with an estimate for the value of your recyclable materials.

Whether it’s paper or furniture or old computers, WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP will haul out office junk for you.

There’s no need to have office staff carry out the trash that has accumulated over the years. Our cleanout teams will separate out the recyclable items and haul away the junk so you have clean and spacious offices again.

We can take electronic items – computers, monitors, faxes, phone systems – and properly dispose of them with recycling companies. Metal furniture and paper or plastic are also recycled. All you need to do is show us what to carry away.

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Spoiled products, extra materials and old equipment filling warehouse corners and back aisles? We can help you reclaim that space.

Call WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP when warehouse space gets tight. We’ll get the junk loaded into our 30+ cubic yard trucks and leave you with warehouse space that’s swept clean and ready for work again.

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Too much equipment and office furnishings left over when downsizing? We can help.

Businesses that want to move to smaller quarters need a company to help remove unwanted office and warehouse furnishings or accumulated materials.

WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP has great workers that efficiently sort and haul away junk from commercial properties, load it into our large trucks for proper disposal and recycling.

Our junk removal crews should be the first ones to call when restoring or renovating a space.

Many demolition crews just toss everything into a dumpster and say “all done.” WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP teams will sort recyclable materials so you can profit from the value of your scrap.

When we clean out commercial and retail properties to be restored or renovated, metal scrap is separated from paper or plastic waste and loaded into our 30+ cubic yard trucks for recycling.

If there is value in your recyclable materials, you will receive an automatic rebate within 7 – 10 days after your job.

Now you’re ready to start fresh and build fresh new space.

We take junk that waste services companies may not.

Property managers often have restrictions on what types of trash can be placed in dumpsters. Large items that don’t fit inside cause problems too.

WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP has large 30+ cubic yard trucks and great workers that will haul away your unwanted material for proper disposal. No need for your staff to do anything other than show us what to take.

Keep your property looking great with our services – we can even do a regular schedule of pickups throughout the year.

Medical facilities, convention centers, hotels and motels need WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP.

For all the stuff that gets carted in and left behind or for all junk generated by renovation and remodeling, WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP is your best team for removal and properly disposal.

We sort paper, plastic and metal recyclables then rebate the value of your scrap. Save time, space and money – call WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP for facility cleanouts.


Industrial robots need special handling for proper removal and disposal.

Decommissioning industrial robots takes more than just unbolting and dropping them in a dumpster. They are big and heavy, with hydraulic and electronic systems that need special disposal.

Our teams can safely remove and properly dispose of outdated or irreparable industrial robots. Plus, we’ll rebate the value of the scrap metals they contain.

Dispose of your old office copier or printer or fax machine the right way with WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP.

When copiers, printers, fax machines, monitors and phones need to be replaced, the old equipment just takes up space. Reclaim that space with a WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP pickup.

Our team will haul away the heaviest of old copiers and take them to an electronics recycling specialist for proper disposal.

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Those great new file cabinets could leave you with office hallways full of the old ones. We can help.

There is at least scrap value in the old file cabinets, and WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP can help you profit in Time, Space and Money.

Our teams will remove your old file cabinets so your staff can do their jobs. You’ll get your space back, plus we will return the scrap value of your old file cabinets to you.

Remodeling offices raises the question of what to do with all the old stuff.

WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP will haul away your office cubicles, furniture and partitions. Depending on their condition, we can recycle them for scrap, donate them to a local charity, or see if resellers are interested in them.

Profit from your office cubicle and partition scrap in time, space and money with WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP.

Reclaim the scrap value in old machinery.

Industrial facilities with heavy equipment like cranes, backhoes, loaders, graders and dump trucks use our services to reclaim space in storage yards – and reclaim the value of the scrap in their unused machinery.