Outdated or unused books from law libraries or college libraries can be recycled.

WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP works with colleges, universities, city school districts and public libraries to provide an eco-friendly way to clear out spoiled or unwanted books from their collections.

Volumes that have value can be sent to a used book store or charity. Others can be recycled as waste paper and we will rebate the value of the recycled paper.

Call 877-WE-BUY-SCRAP for proper disposal of used tires for businesses, property managers  and homeowners.

When used tires pile up in storage bins or back lots, look to WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP for timely and proper disposal.

Our teams will load the tires and deliver them to our tire recycling partners where they will be ground up and used in fuels, new rubber products, and asphalt surfacing materials.

Too much to carry out to the curb? Call WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP.

Property managers, homeowners and condominium associations have used our services when there is too much trash on a property to simply bag up and carry to the curb.

Our teams will sort the junk for recyclable items like paper, plastic or metal. Then we will load our large 30+ cubic yard trucks and haul it away for proper disposal. No need to lift anything- we take care of it all and leave the area swept clean.


WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP recycles metal from many sources.

Manufacturers with scrap from turnings or borings use our services. Automotive service centers that replace brakes and mufflers call us.

Retailers with returned goods or damaged merchandise have scrap metal recycling needs.

Call the scrap metal recycling team at WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP and learn about the value that your scrap has. We help you profit in time, space and money.

Backyard trash piling up?

If you’ve got a pile of trash behind the garage or acres full of stuff, the yard waste removal teams at WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP will sort out what’s recycleable and haul it away for you.

Buildings and vacant lots that have been filled with junk can be cleaned out and the contents properly disposed of.

If you’ve purchased a house or commercial building that needs to be cleaned out, WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP can help. Our teams do the heavy work of loading junk into our trucks for recycling or disposal.

All you have to do is show us what to take away. We will work carefully and leave the area swept clean.


Have our guys do the heavy lifting.

We’ll cleanout your residential or commercial space, plus storage units, sheds and garages right out to the walls and leave it swept clean.

Items that have value can be sold to one of our reseller partners. We also deliver items to local charities. Recyclable items will be sold for scrap and their vaule rebated to you. It’s good for the planet and it’s good for you too: profit in time, space and money with a WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP estate cleanout.

Get started on cleaning out a property – get in touch with the estate cleanout specialists today.