We’ll help you get a house ready for sale with a top to bottom cleanout.

We will cleanout the contents of a home – including the basement, garage and yard – and recycle the paper, plastics and metals.

Our team will also sort out items that can be donated to local charities. All you need to do is show us what to take. We’ll sweep it all clean for you too.

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Big houses hold lots of stuff. WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP will help you downsize.

It can look like an impossible task when it’s time to move to a smaller home. Downsize with the help of WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP. We will help sort out and then haul away what you no longer need.

Do you have an old appliance taking up space in the basement or garage? We can help.

Our cleanout teams know how to handle bulky, heavy appliances like refrigerators, freezers, stoves, washers and dryers – and properly dispose of them. We donate to local charities if possible or take them to a recycling facility.

WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP handles removal of appliances:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Refrigerators
  • Washers
  • Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Trash compactors
  • Water heaters

Getting rid of an old mattress is easy. Call WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP for mattress removal service.

Our teams will be there on time to carefully remove bulky old mattresses without damaging your house. 

We load old mattresses into our 30+ cubic yard trucks and take it to a mattress recycling center for proper disposal.


We pickup old televisions of all types – projection TVs, CRT TVs, plasma and LED TVs.

No need to cart heavy old TVs out to the curb where they just go into landfills. Electronic waste has metals and plastics that can be recycled.

Do the environmentally-responsible thing and have WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP pickup your old electronic devices for proper disposal at an electronics recycling center.

We also pick up other e-waste items:

  • Printers
  • Copiers
  • Fax machines
  • Shredders
  • Computers
  • Monitors

WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP will remove refrigerators and haul them away for proper disposal.

If your old refrigerator or freezer is still working, there are local charities we can contact. Damaged or non-working refrigerators and freezers can be taken to a recycling yard where the metals and plastics are separated and sold for scrap value.

We remove all types of appliances:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Ovens
  • Cooktops
  • Microwaves
  • Water Heaters
  • Washing Machines
  • Clothes Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Trash Compactors
  • Lawnmowers

Removing old carpeting and bundling it for curbside pickup is hard work.

Call WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP instead. Our teams will call ahead and let you know when they are on their way.

We’ll arrive ready to pickup your old carpeting and carpet padding. You don’t need to do anything except show us what needs to be removed.

Then, we sweep the area so you have clean space to continue your renovations.


Old fiberglass hot tubs and spas are large and heavy things.

Most homeowners would rather not have to remove them and find a place to haul it away to.

All you need to do is call WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP. We recommend that you first drain the old hot tub, disconnect the hoses and turn off the power. Our team will safely remove it for proper disposal.

Spring cleaning is a good thing to do any time of year.

WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP will help you clear out the clutter and reclaim your space.

We’ll sort your discards, recycle what we can and ensure proper disposal of the rest.


Feeling buried in piles of old stuff?

We can help with removal of your discards. Your materials will be sorted for recycling or donation and we will sweep the area clean when we’re done.

Our teams are pros at helping you get organized. No job is too big – our 30+ cubic yard trucks are bigger than the other guys use so we can get everything done in one trip.

Have more room for the things you want to keep in the garage – like your car.

Schedule a cleanout for your garage with the pros at WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP. We handle the heavy lifting and our trucks hold a garage-full of stuff.

We can take everything – hazardous items like paint, pesticides and petroleum products excluded – and leave you with a cleaned out garage. We take metal to a scrap yard to be recycled and properly dispose of the rest.

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Starting a renovation?

WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP can handle light demolition of rooms and structures. We have the men and the tools, plus we’re experts at disposal.

Don’t start a dangerous and messy demolition job by yourself. WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP is much a more efficient way to get the job done and save your back for the fun stuff.

Leftovers from garage sales and all that bulky stuff in the basement weighing you down?

WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP recycles household items that you don’t want to haul out for curbside pickup. Our crews are experts at loading heavy things without damaging your house.

If it has scrap value, we will take it to a recycling yard. If it can be donated, we will truck it to local charities. If it’s just junk, we will properly dispose of it. Reclaim your valuable space with a WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP household items pickup.


Rely on the pros at WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP to safely remove unwanted furniture.

Our teams know how to get those bulky, heavy items out of your house without causing damage.

We try to recycle or donate your used sofas, chairs, desks, bedroom sets and armoires, saving space in landfills and benefiting a worthy cause.

E-waste services are in demand. Rely on armoires for safe disposal of e-waste.

The average household has outdated or broken computers, monitors, audio devices, turntables, amplifiers, tuners, speakers, VCRs, CD players, and DVD players – even home security cameras – that need proper disposal.

Curbside pickup just sends these items to a landfill. We have electronics recyclers that separate the plastics from the metals and securely destroy data on old hard drives or other storage devices.

Reclaim space in your garage – those old bikes might be worth something after all.

When unused bicycles are taking up too much space in your garage – or lay abandoned behind it – we can recycle them and rebate you for their scrap value.

Schedule a cleanout

Is your home gym just collecting dust? WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP can help you reclaim your space.

Call us today for a free estimate to remove all of that old, heavy, broken or simply unused exercise equipment.

We take exercise bikes, treadmills, and weight benches to local charities if they can be reused. If the old exercise equipment is broken of unusable, we take it recycling yard for proper disposal.

Reclaim all that space wasted by old exercise equipment. Call WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP and schedule a pickup.


We pickup old shop tools like table saws, band saws and lathes.

If you have old workbench items and tools that were once put to good use and now lay rusting or broken, call the cleanout experts at WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP.

Heavy and bulky items are loaded into our 30+ cubic yard trucks for donation, recycling or disposal.

There is value in the metals in old tools. Save the earth and profit from your scrap in time, space and money with WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP.

Maybe the old shed is busting at the seams. Maybe it’s just falling down.

Either way, the professional teams at WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP will remove contents and demolish the structure to reclaim back yard space.

Leave the heavy lifting to us. Just point and we’ll pick it up and load it into our trucks for recycling or disposal. We take everything except hazardous waste and leave you with a clean space.

That big concrete lawn roller thing is not going to go anywhere by itself.

Homeowners amass large collections of yard care equipment over the years. Reclaim yard and garage space with WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP’s lawn equipment removal services.

Heavy and bulky things are no problem for our crews. We will take useful items to a donation center, recycle scrap metal and plastic, and properly dispose of the rest.

Have a pile of old shovels and rakes? Broken lawn mowers?


Too many old clothes?

If you have just too much to load in the car for donation, call the old clothing removal team at We Buy Scrap. We’ll make sure it all goes to a good cause and you won’t have to do anything except tell us what to take.

WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP removes and recycles pianos.

Reclaim the value and the space in your living room by disposing of the old piano the right way – with a WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP piano removal service.

We will carefully remove and deliver your old piano to a donation center if it can still be played. If it must be scrapped, we will take it to a recycling center where the metals will be reclaimed.

WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP will demolish and remove old decks.

Decks that are past their useful life need to be removed before they become hazardous. Doing it yourself is an option, but it’s dangerous work – and what to do with the old deck lumber? You can’t burn it because old pressure treated wood has arsenic in it – enough to cause grave injury (plus it’s illegal to burn pressure treated wood in all 50 states!)

Our teams will take apart the old deck without damaging your house and load it into our big 30+ cubic yard trucks for proper disposal.

Challenging hoarder cleanouts are no problem for WE-CLEANOUT-SCRAP.

When you need to help a hoarder get back their space, call us. We will sort out the keepsakes and load the rest into our large 30+ cubic yard trucks.

We separate paper, plastic and metals to be recycled. E-waste will be sent for proper disposal. Clothing and other items that can be donated to charities will be put to good use and not sent to a landfill.